My Career Step: Billie Wirthlin

Billie's goals

  • Find the “perfect” work-at-home opportunity
  • Help support her family while being at home with her children

Benefits of her Career Step education

  • The flexibility to study at her own pace
  • The support to successfully get through the training
  • A job lead that led to employment a week after graduation

Finding Medical Transcription

When news came that my husband and I were expecting our first child, we couldn’t have been happier! Bringing a child into the world puts a brand new perspective on life, and I wanted to be there for everything. My husband and I agreed that the best thing for our family would be for me to stay home. I felt guilty putting all the financial responsibility on my husband though, and I had heard of others working from home. I knew that if they could do it, so could I!

Finding that “perfect, work-at-home opportunity” ended up being more of a challenge than I had imagined. I spent over a year researching various work-at-home opportunities, trying out jobs (all of which were low-paying and uninteresting), and falling for a few scams. One time I came across an advertisement for a work-at-home position as a medical transcriptionist. They promised quality training and employment with the purchase of their software. Thankfully, I researched the company and found it to be a scam before I bought the software. Moving forward, I assumed that medical transcription in general was a scam.

When news came that we were expecting our second child, I was even more determined to find a way to contribute to the financial support of our family. My mother-in-law informed me that a friend of hers worked at home as a medical transcriptionist. This inspired me to give the profession another shot, and I quickly got online to, once again, research medical transcription. I read everything I could find on the subject and asked questions in several medical transcription related forums. I discovered that the medical transcription field was expected to continue growing and the wages were promising, but first I would need training.

Even though my mother-in-law introduced me to Career Step, I still wanted to be sure I was making the right decision, so I continued my research. I found Career Step to be self-paced, approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (then known as the American Association for Medical Transcription), and partnered with several employers. Just to be sure, I contacted and spoke to the HR departments of several of the larger medical transcriptionist employers. They all highly recommended Career Step!

Career Step Training

I was so excited about the possibility of finally finding the perfect opportunity that I signed up right away. The course wasn’t easy and was often very challenging, but as with anything else “practice makes perfect.” Of course, there was always someone available, whether through the Career Step office or the student/graduate forum to help with any questions I had.

The fact that the course is self-paced is just an added bonus! Where else will you be able to get an education on YOUR time, around your schedule?! It’s the perfect opportunity for moms who are busy raising kids, and I was thankful for that flexibility.

Graduation and Employment

In September of 2006, I received my Certificate of Graduation in Medical Transcription. A few days later, I was contacted by Career Step. One of their employer partners was looking to hire 40 new medical transcriptionists for a large account they had just acquired. I immediately sent over my resume, completed the interview, and began working less than a week after graduating. Medical transcription can be a difficult job, but I loved the challenge and the flexibility it provided. Besides, some of the reports were very entertaining!

I am very grateful for the opportunity Career Step provided me and am happy to tell others “YES! There is a rewarding, legitimate, work-at-home opportunity out there, and it begins with Career Step!