My Career Step: Carmella Jones

Carmella's goals

  • Find a career in medicine that wasn’t too “hands-on”
  • Quickly prepare for a new career
  • Train at her own pace

Benefits of her Career Step education

  • Employer recommended training
  • Preparation that made pre-employment exams relatively easy
  • Knowledge and skills needed to enter the workforce right away

Choosing Medical Transcription

When I lost my job of 18 years due to downsizing, my severance package included tuition assistance for career training. I took advantage of the opportunity and discovered medical transcription. I have always had a strong interest in the medical field but never wanted to be involved in any “hands on” kind of way. Medical transcription let me enter the medical field in a more clerical way. It was also a good match for the skill set I already had, which included typing, proofreading, and accuracy with detail-oriented work, and the option to work independently from home was a definite positive. Losing my job ended up providing me with the best career opportunity I could have imagined.

Most of my research when choosing a school was done online. I visited school websites, searched various message boards, and even contacted several large medical transcription companies and asked them for recommendations on the best schools. No matter where I was looking, Career Step was always preferred. Ultimately, I decided to train with Career Step because the cost was very reasonable and I liked the fact that I could work at my own pace. I was definitely not disappointed with my choice!

Studying with Career Step

For me the hardest part of the training program was towards the end of the Advanced Acute Care module (the part of the program with the most challenging reports). The dictations were very difficult, and I began to doubt my ability and decision to embark on this career path. But it was all part of the challenging way Career Step prepares you for the future, and I often visited the Career Step forums for encouragement. Even though I never posted everything, just reading about the experiences of others really helped me during those tough times.

I was fortunate to be able to study full-time since I was collecting unemployment. I maintained a strict study schedule to prepare myself for eventually working at home. My discipline paid off in the end because my transition from school to actually working at home was very smooth, and I was able to complete the training in 9 months. After taking about 2 weeks to prepare for the final, I graduated with High Honors on my first attempt! The sense of achievement was incredible.

Transitioning to the Workforce

After graduation, I was extremely nervous about finding a job because I knew that many companies required experience. I used the Career Step employment tools and started applying for jobs the week after I graduated. Because I had been so well trained, the employment tests were relatively easy and I immediately started getting calls to set up phone interviews. By the second week after graduation, I already had 3 phone interviews with 3 different companies. On one interview, the company representative actually told me that they prefer to hire Career Step graduates because they are so well trained. Ultimately, I accepted a position as a full-time independent contractor working from home just 2 weeks after graduation. I am very happy with my flexible schedule and the great experience I’m gaining as a newly hired graduate.

My Career Step training was excellent and definitely prepared me for my new job. I did not feel overwhelmed when I started working because I was already familiar with so much medical terminology and formatting. I would absolutely recommend Career Step to others and just can’t say enough about the quality of the education I received! If you follow the program and dedicate yourself to it, you will definitely succeed.