My Career Step: Jessica Christiansen

Jessica's goals

  • Find an enjoyable and rewarding work-at-home career
  • Take part in the exciting field of medicine
  • Find a career that offers flexibility, growth, and opportunity

Benefits of her Career Step education

  • A comprehensive, flexible program that suited her special needs
  • Support, guidance, and lasting friendships through the Career Step forum
  • A smooth transition to the workforce

A Work-at-Home Solution for a Disabled Woman

I enjoy working—having a rewarding career makes me feel I have something worthwhile to contribute to the world. But due to some person health problems, I was finding it more and more of a challenge to thrive in a traditional workplace. Eventually, I was approved for long-term disability benefits, and I stopped working altogether. Although I had a bit of money to live on, I felt very saddened by this loss. I’m an intelligent woman! I felt bored and unfulfilled without an enjoyable career.

Being the avid researcher that I am, the hunt began for a solution—an enjoyable, respectable work-at-home career; one where I could make a difference in the lives of others. My initial Google search for “work-at-home jobs” was discouraging. Stuffing envelopes? Not for me. But I dug a bit deeper, and eventually stumbled upon a medical transcription website. The more I learned about it, the more I fell in love with the idea. I love research, learning new things, and using my skills to help others. As a bonus, modern medicine has always fascinated me! The growing knowledge and understanding of human health, diseases, and treatment over the past century has made such a difference in our quality of life. For example, the average American life expectancy in 1911 was only 51 years—today, it’s 78!

An Easy Choice: Career Step!

Once I’d made up my mind that medical transcription was a great option for me, I had to choose among a myriad of schools and training programs. I needed something affordable and flexible. Due to my disability, I needed to be able to study and take my tests and exams when I was feeling my best. And, I needed to know that my training would thoroughly prepare me to succeed after graduation.

I was very impressed with what Career Step had to offer. Affordable tuition for a comprehensive program, combined with the support and flexibility I needed. A perfect choice!

Diving in: So much to learn!

I was thrilled to get my login and password so quickly after enrolling. I immediately took a look at the training site and was blown away by Career Step’s set up! My home page connected me to forums, chats, learning and planning tools, resources, and more. The course was presented in a series of modules, starting with the basics, and progressing step-by-step to advanced training. I especially loved that I could go through each unit as quickly or as slowly as I wanted—an option I wouldn’t have in a traditionally structured college course. Some units I breezed through fairly quickly; others, I went over again and again until I felt confident enough to move on.

The material is very thoughtfully presented, and the program is designed to help you learn by doing. Simply reading through terminology and concepts is not always the best way to really learn and understand them. Career Step offered multiple methods of learning—visuals, activities, interactive games, audio—they really took care to ensure that, no matter your learning style, you would be able to understand and master the learning objectives for each and every unit.

But they didn’t stop there! Their team of friendly and knowledgeable support staff was always available to answer my questions and offer their guidance. And my fellow students were a great help, too! Career Step’s student forum is a lively, jam-packed resource for discussion and support—the perfect touch to a wonderful training program. Because of these supports, I didn’t feel alone or isolated; rather, I found kinship and community in abundance!

The Moment of Truth: The Final Exam & Graduation

At first, the final exam seemed so far away. But I worked through the units one-by-one, and before long, I was ready for the final! I had worked so hard up to this point, so of course I was a bit nervous to proceed to the “moment of truth.” Would I pass, or would I be disappointed? Thankfully, Career Step really wanted to see me succeed. Their assessments and support helped ensure I was truly ready for the exam. To put my mind at ease, I kept reminding myself that if I wasn’t happy with the results of my first exam attempt, I could try again—twice, if needed!

So, I took a deep breath and booked my exam. I’ll admit it wasn’t easy. But I took my time, reviewed my answers and reports, and gave it my best shot. I was delighted to find out that I passed—with honors to boot! But I thought, “Hey, if I can try again, why not?” So I hit the books again and scheduled a second exam. This time, with the extra study, I achieved high honors!

I was so proud of everything I’d achieved during my months at Career Step. I had gone from a bored, discouraged, unemployed woman to a very motivated, enthusiastic student ready to take my life by the reins.

Hire Me! I know my stuff

Career Step doesn’t just train you and send you off into the world with a half-hearted “good luck!” They have a Graduate Services program and a graduate forum designed to ensure you have a smooth transition from student to professional. They help you prepare a stellar resume and find opportunities, supporting you on your journey.

As a Career Step graduate, I was ready to apply to some of the best transcription companies in North America. After only a couple of days of research and applications, I received an offer! Then another one… then another one… Within a week of graduating, I was able to choose between a number of great companies!

Welcome to the Real World: My first job as a qualified MT!

My first few days on the job were both exciting and nerve-racking. I wanted to do well! Thankfully, the skills I had learned at Career Step and the thorough notes and word lists I’d compiled gave me everything I needed to succeed. I may have been nervous, but I was confident and prepared. And once I learned my way around at my company of choice, my career took off. I couldn’t be happier (and prouder!) that I found Career Step. My life has changed for the better in a relatively short period of time, and I owe much of my success to this very special school. So from the bottom of my heart—thank you, Career Step!