My Career Step: Mellissa Stubbs

Mellissa's goals

  • Have the perfect “mom” job
  • Work around the needs of her children
  • Find the training that would prepare her for the job

Benefits of her Career Step education

  • The freedom to work from home
  • Real-world practice that prepared her for the workforce
  • The ability to be an active part of her children’s lives

Why Medical Transcription

I started my career as a full-time teacher before I transitioned to part-time medical transcription work. I wanted to be a teacher in part because I believed teaching was a “mom” job. How sad I was to discover that I missed every school play, every parent-teacher conference, every opportunity to work in my child’s classroom. Most heartbreaking, after all of the expenses involved with working outside the home, my paychecks were nearly nonexistent.

One of my friends began looking in to medical transcription, and I remember telling her that medical transcription from home was a scam. Then my friend began doing it—and doing a great job! I was stunned. I had to investigate. This led to calling medical transcription companies and asking them which school provided the best education. Again and again, Career Step was the answer. Ultimately, I took their advice and enrolled.

My Career Step Training Process

Shortly after I began my schooling, my family suffered a life-changing event—the kind every family dreads. In spite of that (and maybe because of it), I was determined to succeed, and I did. With my background in education, I was impressed with the teaching methods used in the Career Step curriculum; students are taught the theory behind a specific skill and then they practice, practice, practice. My typing skills prior to beginning the course were abysmal—23 wpm! But practice, practice, practice improved that significantly, and my last test was 121 wpm. There is also consistent feedback embedded throughout the course, and teachers—actual MTs—are a phone call or email away. All of this allowed me to succeed, despite my circumstances at the time, and I would most definitely tell those interested that attitude is everything—if you think you can, YOU CAN!

The Reward

My schooling and my experience as a medical transcriptionist gave me the perfect “mom” job. I worked around my needs and the needs of my children. I was suddenly an active part of their lives. I tried as much as I could to work when they were sleeping or away at school, but when that couldn’t happen I was still only a room away—not miles and miles. Medical transcription was the “mom” job I had been looking for.

Regardless of your reasons for investigating medical transcription, it is a very viable career. If you are unsure of your ability to train for a career in medical transcription, you absolutely CAN do this. There are thousands of us out there, plucking away at the keyboard, earning a living. We come in all shapes and sizes, we come from all backgrounds, and our stories are unique to each of us. But we are here. We provide a valuable service to the medical community. Best of all, we do it from our own homes.