My Career Step: Michelle Johnson

Michelle's goals

  • Return to the workforce in career that would allow her to use her previous medical experience

Benefits of her Career Step education

  • The flexibility to study part-time around her family’s schedule
  • Comprehensive training that thoroughly prepared her for the real MT workload and routine
  • Confidence in her skills as she took pre-employment exams

My Life Before Medical Transcription

Before I was a stay-at-home mom, I worked as an EKG technician and as a medical secretary for the hospital’s nursing unit on the cardiology floor. Once I got married and we started having children, I became a full-time wife and mother—always knowing that someday I wanted to start working again. As our children got a little older, I started thinking about what I wanted to do and decided that I wanted something that incorporated my previous experience in healthcare. Medical transcription—especially with its work at home opportunity—was just the thing. Since I’d been out of healthcare for a little while, I knew I needed training, so I started researching medical transcription programs.

I started looking for MT training through local community colleges. One of the community colleges was affiliated with Career Step, and the option of learning via my home computer in my spare time really appealed to me. Before I enrolled, I also discovered that Career Step’s Medical Transcription Editor graduates were some of the most sought after by employers. That sold me on Career Step 100%.

My Training Experience

It took me about 14 months to finish the training program. Initially, I thought I could finish in just a few months, but busy schedules got in the way so I worked on the program in a part-time capacity. While I was training, I focused on treating my coursework and study schedule just like a job. I wanted to see if a part-time medical transcription schedule would work for me and my family, and I thought it would help me develop a routine early on so it would be an easy transition once I started working. And it worked! It took a little while to get through the course, but my work schedule now is very similar to what my study schedule was—except now, I get paid for it.

Of course, the training had its high and low points. I loved learning all of the new medical information and really appreciated the additional training on proofreading and editing skills. I gained a lot of confidence in my skills and felt very well prepared. There were difficult days when the dictation hours were long and stressful and it was hard to stay motivated, but now, from the other side, I can honestly say that it was worth it. All of those hard dictations prepared me for the real life medical transcription work and routine, which can sometimes be very difficult as well.

My Job Search

Once I graduated (and took about 3 weeks off to rest and recover), I started applying to a number of transcription companies that Career Step recommended via their online job search tool. I was hired within a week of starting to send out applications! I applied at several companies and was called back by all of them. This gave me the flexibility to choose a position that really fit me and my family. I love the MT company I’m working for now. They gave me the opportunity to use my new transcription and editing skills as well as my previous experience in cardiology because I’ve been able to specialize as an MT working with cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery dictations.

I absolutely believe that the medical transcription training I received via Career Step is what helped me get back into the medical field after my long hiatus. I love what I do as a medical transcriptionist and am very grateful to Career Step for the program. The program gave me the confidence I needed when I was taking pre-employment exams. Medical transcription companies are looking for highly skilled professionals and Career Step’s training program provides you with everything you need to attain your goals!