Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT Job Description & Earning Potential

What Will I Be Doing in Healthcare IT?

Healthcare is evolving and the industry is using technology in exciting new ways to improve patient care and decrease costs. Healthcare IT professionals handle the growing needs of healthcare facilities and providers. Your specific responsibilities will vary depending on where you work, but they may include:

  • Installing and maintaining electronic health record systems
  • Working as part of an internal IT team
  • Providing technical support to employees throughout a healthcare facility

Healthcare IT professionals can be found working all across healthcare, and as healthcare’s use of technology increases the demand for these professionals will rise as well.

How Much Can I Make In Healthcare IT?

Working in Canada reports that, on average, computer technicians, including those working in healthcare, earn between $13 and $40 an hour. For more information on average wages in your specific region, visit the Working in Canada website. You may also qualify for benefits as a health information technician.

Career Step’s Healthcare IT course helps you gain the skills you need to maximize your job opportunities and earning potential by preparing you to earn the CompTIA A+, CEHRS, and CMAA credentials. Earning these certifications immediately after completion shows employers you have the skills they’re looking for and widens your job opportunities.

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