Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR
  • Prepare for the future of healthcare
  • Be career-ready in as little as 3 months
  • Train to earn an average of $37,000/yr
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Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR Opportunity

What Are the Advantages of a Medical Administrative Assistant Career?

Electronic health records (EHR) are becoming more and more common within healthcare, and this transition is driving a need for administrative professionals specifically trained on EHR software.

Being a medical administrative assistant with EHR expertise offers a number of benefits including:

  • An edge in the job market – By training on EHR software before you even start looking for a job, you prepare for the future of healthcare and give yourself an edge in the medical administrative assistant job market by developing skills most employers have to teach on the job
  • Competitive salaries and benefits – Medical administrative assistants typically earn over $19/hr, and these professionals may also qualify for traditional employment benefits.
  • Starting place for further training or advancement – A career as a medical administrative assistant gets your foot in the door at a hospital or physician’s office, making it easier to move to a different position if you gain additional training or experience later on.

With Career Step training, you will learn the software, organization, and business skills needed to keep a modern medical office running smoothly.

Why Should I Choose Career Step's Training Program?

Career Step’s online Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR training program is specifically built to get you trained and out into the workforce as quickly as possible. Trust Career Step for our:

  • Flexible online training – Online training offers unprecedented flexibility, and with Career Step you’re free to study at the pace and on the schedule that fits your life.
  • Industry certification preparation – Earning the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist (CEHRS) credentials proves to employers that you have the skills they’re looking for.
  • One-on-one support – Even with the flexibility of online training, you’ll still have one-on-one industry, technical, and career support to ensure you have the help you need to finish and turn your training into a job.

Our mission at Career Step is to help you gain the skills you need to get a job and succeed in a new career. Join the thousands of individuals who trust Career Step and start working toward your rewarding new career today!

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