Medical Transcription and Editing
Medical Transcription and Editing

Medical Transcription Job Description

What Does a Medical Transcriptionist Do?

The medical transcription industry is currently evolving, and there are currently two types of medical transcriptionists:

  • A traditional medical transcriptionist's job in Canada is to transcribe healthcare providers' dictated notes after a patient interaction so the information can be included in the patient's permanent medical record.
  • A medical transcription editor reviews and edits the reports generated by speech recognition software. This technology will never be able to meet the accuracy of a well-trained professional, but it does save time by creating the initial draft that is then corrected by the medical transcription editor.

Online medical transcription jobs generally allow you to work remotely from your home or on-site for hospitals and physicians’ offices. With Career Step's online training, you’ll gain the skills of both skill sets, expanding your employment options after completion and allowing you to start working in whichever environment you prefer right away.

How Much Do Medical Transcriptionists Earn?

Most medical transcriptionists are paid on production—typically per line—and Working in Canada reports that, on average, medical transcriptionists earn between $16 and $27.50 an hour. For more information on your specific region, visit the Working in Canada website.
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