Graduate Hiring and Recruiting
  • Simplify your recruiting process
  • Hire career-ready employees
  • Quickly access a large applicant pool

Recruitment Partnership Program

What Does Career Step Graduate Recruiting Offer My Business?

Career Step’s Graduate Recruiting program offers you access to a large entry-level applicant pool of well-trained graduates. In Canada, Career Step is currently training professionals as:

No matter what your organization’s hiring needs, Career Step’s Graduate Recruiting program can help you reduce costs and quickly fill your open entry-level positions in any of these areas at no cost to you!

Why Choose Career Step Graduates?

For over 20 years, Career Step has been training successful professionals. The school’s career-focused programs are designed to help students gain exactly the knowledge and skills they need to meet employers’ needs, and Career Step graduates have:
  • Practical skills and hands-on experience – By graduation, Career Step students have practiced their job skills in hands-on, simulated workplace environments in addition to developing their foundational knowledge in industry language, terminology, and business.
  • Training designed with employer feedback – Hundreds of employers have hired Career Step graduates, and Career Step has developed working relationships with many of these employers to ensure graduates have the skills you’re looking for in new hires.
Learn more today about how partnering with Career Step can help fill your entry-level positions!